>Global Footwear Manufacturer

We provide JDE DBA managed services for a billion-dollar, international footwear company running JDE EnterpriseOne. We were initially engaged to complete a one-month remediation plan to address architectural and performance issues within the Oracle infrastructure, however our remediation proved so successful that we took permanent ownership of the multi-terabyte Oracle database as the company expands into additional overseas markets.

>Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

DBConnect Solutions was engaged to upgrade a JDE database from Oracle 10g to 11g on a Linux platform running on VMWare. We were quickly able to meet their needs by setting up a new JDE database on a separate virtual machine, migrating the data, and monitoring the system after the cutover. Since the migration project went well, the company decided to continue to use our DBA services on a monthly basis to manage not only their JDE database but the rest of their Oracle databases as well.

>Technology Research & Development Consortium

In order to remediate their JDE environment, a non-profit R&D consortium requested DBConnect Solutions to perform a health check on their Oracle JDE database. The management team was concerned about security issues in their JDE system due to the known PUBLIC access security hole that is present. We were not only able to give them specific details on their security configuration, but we helped to identify many other areas with opportunities for improvement in their Oracle database. The client utilized DBConnect Solutions to perform a remediation project on their JDE system to implement our best practices. We are now also monitoring and managing their Oracle JDE system on an ongoing basis and have been asked to leverage our processes to manage the rest of the Oracle databases in their datacenter.

>Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Over the course of five years, DBConnect Solutions built the Oracle infrastructure to support the implementation of JDE across multiple operating companies throughout the United States, Europe, and Latin America for this Fortune 100 global pharmaceutical company. We supported concurrent implementation teams and built the processes and tools necessary to automate JDE Oracle management tasks. DBConnect Solutions provided in-depth Oracle expertise to implement JDE table auditing as part of the Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. We also provided solutions to address the Oracle compliance requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. DBConnect Solutions successfully supported thousands of JDE end users across multiple time zones on a 24x7x365 basis, and made this possible through the use of world-class Oracle solutions for JDE.