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When JDE is installed on an Oracle database and the first user logs onto the system, many people have a false sense of security that the hard work is done. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of technical issues lurking just beneath the surface that will ultimately need to be addressed -- sooner or later. The choice is a simple one -- pay a reasonable price to fix it now or pay a much steeper price to fix it later.

Like so many other aspects of Information Technology, playing the waiting game and ignoring the inevitable will lead to nasty side effects like costly system outages and firefighting to fix production issues. Most of these issues can be avoided altogether with a bit of planning and the proactive implementation of industry-accepted best practices.

These are just a few of the areas that are very specific to JDE EnterpriseOne on Oracle. DBConnect Solutions has years of experience addressing these and many other issues, and we stand ready to leverage this experience for our clients. If you'd like to learn more about these issues and to find out how we can help you address these areas, please give us a call.

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