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Our NightOwl suite of products can help you manage several key areas of your JDE environment. You can choose which products are needed in your environment or purchase the entire NightOwl suite for a comprehensive set of tools to manage JDE on Oracle.

>NightOwl Health Check for Oracle JDE

The NightOwl Health Check for Oracle JDE is an automated report that compares your JDE Oracle database against our set of Best Practices. The health check reviews security, architecture & topology, backup & recovery, and JDE-specific areas, and produces web-based and PDF reports for your review. As a DBConnect customer, you can have access to this tool as well as a historical repository of your reports on the DBConnect website. To view a sample report, click here.

To get started with a free trial of the NightOwl Health Check for Oracle JDE, click here to register in our Members area.

Our automated health check can also provide value to consulting companies and service providers with JDE customers. If your organization would like to utilize the NightOwl Health Check for Oracle JDE for your clients, please contact us to discuss our licensing options.

>NightOwl Monitoring & Messaging

The NightOwl database monitoring engine never sleeps. Our tools monitor your JDE Oracle database 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The health of your database is proactively sent to DBConnect’s Database Administration team so we can prevent problems before they ever impact the operation of your system. The tools are specifically engineered for JDE so we can address the unique ways that JDE interacts with the Oracle database.

>NightOwl Database Security for Oracle JDE

NightOwl Database Security for Oracle JDE ensures that your Oracle database is secure. By default, every JDE Oracle database grants PUBLIC access on all objects. NightOwl Security for Oracle JDE closes this security gap and ensures that it remains closed.

>NightOwl Database Refresh for Oracle JDE

NightOwl Database Refresh for Oracle JDE is a fully automated, parameter driven Oracle database refresh tool that can be leveraged to make environment refreshes much more efficient and reliable. The tool also supports a “refresh with exception list” option to allow one environment to be refreshed to another while skipping certain key tables.

>NightOwl Database Compression for Oracle JDE

NightOwl Database Compression for Oracle JDE leverages compression in the database to reduce the size of a typical Oracle JDE database from anywhere between 50%-90%, depending on the profile of the database. This results in reduced storage requirements and often results in significant improvements in performance. Click here to read about our Database Compression solution for JDE on the Oracle PartnerNetwork portal.

>NightOwl Database Assured Recovery

We believe that any backup and recovery process should include a periodic validation of the recovery process. NightOwl Database Assured Recovery includes periodic tests of your Oracle database backups to validate the entire backup and restoration process.

> NightOwl Data Sniffer

We leverage the power of the Oracle database to uncover conditions within the JDE data stored in the database. For example, NightOwl Data Sniffer allows us to notify you when JDE job queues are backed up, in real time; it allows us to notify you when bad data is entered into a key JDE table; in fact, it allows us to notify you of virtually any condition that arises within your business data.

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