DBConnect Solutions is a proud reseller of Oracle Database Appliance, the latest Engineered Solution from Oracle specifically designed to address the needs of small businesses. It is an all-in-one package of the hardware and software components required to run an Oracle database and can be deployed quickly and easily. The new ODA X3-2 is an attractive solution for many scenarios such as consolidating database servers, providing a high availability environment, or replacing outdated hardware. We have deployed an ODA X3-2 machine in our lab environment that is available for demonstration purposes. Contact us to see for yourself how the ODA can help your business.

>ODA Benefits

Pay-as-you-grow Database solution: Save on database licensing costs and enable additional processors as you need them.

Performance: 32 processor cores, 512 GB of RAM, 200 GB of Solid State Disk for maximum online redo log throughput, 18 TB of raw storage that can be double or triple mirrored for 9 TB or 6 TB of usable storage and an available storage expansion unit to double your storage capacity if needed.

Engineered Solution: Easy to setup, fully integrated components, automated patching of the entire technology stack, installation process takes just a few hours.

High Availability: Redundancy is built-in to the system with hot swappable hardware components, deploy Oracle RAC or RAC One Node for an active/active or active/passive database cluster.

All-in-one Solution: Built-in Oracle VM technology allows the ODA X3-2 to be used not only as a database server, but it can also host virtual machines running Linux, Solaris, and even Windows operating systems.

Reduced TCO: Deciding whether to build your own system vs. buy an all in one solution? Why waste time researching separate hardware, storage, and networking components? Everything you need is contained within the ODA, which means you can have your application up and running right away instead of spending days or weeks troubleshooting hardware configuration issues.


We are especially excited about the potential that the ODA X3-2 system has for small to medium businesses running JD Edwards Enterprise One. By utilizing the Oracle VM virtualization technology, companies can now run all of their JDE systems on a single device. Oracle has developed several VM templates to streamline the deployment of all of the components required for a JDE installation. We are busy validating this architecture and plan to have it ready for our customers to deploy later in 2013.

That’s not all, our NightOwl® suite of products can be deployed seamlessly on the ODA platform providing a truly world-class, best of breed JD Edwards solution in a self-contained package.

>ODA Services

DBConnect provides a comprehensive offering of services for the Oracle Database Appliance. We look forward to helping make your implementation successful.

> ODA X3-2 Demonstrations
> Installation and Setup
> Monitoring and Administration
> Patching
> Database Migrations
> Backup & Recovery Solutions
> Disaster Recovery Solutions


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