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>Our Security Policy

At DBConnect Solutions, we take security very seriously. The security and stewardship of your data is our overriding concern. We walk the talk not only in the way we manage your data, but in the way we manage our internal infrastructure. We have implemented multiple levels of protection to ensure that your data is kept safe in our network. All of the information about our clients and their systems is stored in DropBox cloud storage using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) that utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. But we take it a step further by encrypting our files before they even reach DropBox by using BoxCyrptor on-the-fly encryption for cloud storage.

In addition to software encryption, our corporate policy also requires all employees to use PCs with self-encrypting disk drives, managed by Wave Systems. DBConnect Solutions partnered with Wave Solutions in the beta program of their cutting edge Wave Cloud product described here. What this means for you is if any of our desktop or laptop PCs were ever stolen, your data is still protected even if a thief attempted to attach the hard drive to a different machine. We also have the ability to remotely wipe the hard drive of any device that was lost or stolen. Finally, we employ Prey asset tracking software on all of our devices, including employee smart phones. For any device that is stolen, we can immediately prevent access to the device and begin tracking the GPS location to assist in recovery of our property. We believe that our attention to securing our client’s data is unmatched by any other service provider in the marketplace. You can rest assured that we are keeping your confidential information safe and sound.