> Remote Managed Services
> Implementation Support
> Database Health Checks
> Remediation
> Vacation Coverage & Tier 2 Support
> Training Services
> JDE Related Services
> NightOwl Health Check Portal
> NightOwl Software Suite

>Our Services

Our focus on the JDE DBA function allows us to provide a level of service unavailable anywhere else. We have a set of world-class tools and processes, world-class management standards, and world-class JDE DBAs that we leverage across all of our clients, and this allows us to deliver a compelling value proposition.

Our team of subject-matter experts is highly-regarded for their ability to quickly solve any challenge posed by JDE, but even more notable is the fact that we prevent most problems before our clients ever know about them. This approach is a result of the time, energy, capital, and long-term vision we’ve invested into the development of automated tools and processes that are finely-tune for JDE.

Our service offerings include:

> Outsourced remote JDE DBA managed services
> Project-based implementation support
> Database Health Checks
> Remediation projects
> Vacation coverage & Tier 2 support
> Training services
> Related services for systems that interact with JDE including BI, CNC, Fusion and more
> Automated health checks using our innovative NightOwl Health Check software
> Automated monitoring using our NightOwl Monitoring & Messaging software

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